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We care about the planet and take care in our work.

Geelong Builder Conscious Construction Co is leading the way in Australia on preventing ‘leaky building syndrome’. This means our homes are cost effective to run and far more comfortable for the occupants to live in.

The current building standard that we are currently building to in Australia is not good enough, and many other good builders in Australia also agree.

As a standard, every new home in the UK gets a blower door test for air leakage. What is a blower door test? A blower door test is a diagnostic tool to determine how much air is entering or escaping from your home

Why Geelong Builder Conscious Construction Co? You only get one chance to put together your building envelope correctly. Once you conceal it, it’s nearly impossible to fix. So, by not focusing on this crucial aspect of the building process, you’re ultimately creating a path to a leaky home. This can lead to poor indoor air quality and mould, which can result in poor health effects to residents and degrade the structure of your home.

Arran Powell – Director

Arran has 23 years of experience from the European and Australian building industries. He is a qualified carpenter and joiner by trade with a diploma in Building and Construction. He is a Passive House tradesperson and a Green Living Master Builder.

Arran has seen first-hand many of the issues with building cheap and fast. Industry minimum standard is adopted by most builders as standard practice. Seeing this propelled him to start Conscious Construction Co and to do better for the environment.

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“Our new extremes of heat and other severe weather mean we now need to re-imagine how our towns and cities function, ensure we provide essential climate safety services, and rethink how we go about our daily lives and care for others.”

- Climate Council -