We Build & Renovate Homes Which Exceed Even the Highest European Standards

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With 23 years of building experience in both Europe and Australia, we can guarantee our homes are warmer in winter, cooler in summer, quieter, healthier – and will lower your electricity bill.

3 options for healthy construction practices to suit different budgets.

Use up to 90% less energy than a standard home

Deal with the owner directly at every step

Transparent and open processes and pricing

No obligation, expert advice at no cost to you

Every new home gets leak tested

“I’ve seen first-hand many of the health and structural issues with building to the minimum Australian industry standards.  

Many homes ‘leak’, which leads to poor air quality, mould and fungal growth literally eating away at the timber framing. 

That’s why I became a Passive House Tradesperson and Green Living Master Builder, and started Conscious Construction Co, in order to build environmentally friendly homes that deliver cleaner, fresher & filtered indoor air, and are the standard by which others are judged.” 

– Arran Powell

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I Want To Build A New Custom Built Or Passive Home…
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I Want To Transform My Home With an Extension or Renovation…
Uplifting my home to the style and comfort my family deserves, without any headaches

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I Want To Create A Custom Home Design…
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Most Australian homes suffer from Leaky Building Syndrome. While most homes look great initially, over the years moisture accumulates either via water vapour permeating from the interior of the building, or dew condensing from ambient air entering the cavity.  


By the time you realise it’s a problem, it’s usually too late. 

When you build with us, we install premium permeable wall and roof membranes (sarking) for airtightness, creating a ventilated cavity that stops the fungal growth.

What’s more, we leverage correct ‘wrapping’ practices to keep your house dry and protected, without sweating (which can lead to damp and mould issues). We tightly seal and wrap external walls to prevent even the slightest of draughts getting in or out (eliminating cold feet, and keeping the rest of you warm, regardless of the temperature outside).


• We use wider timbers for our stud walls (140mm where possible, based on British minimum standards): not only for more structural integrity, but to create more depth for thicker insulation to sit in - keeping you and your family in year round comfort, regardless of the temperature outside.
• Provide higher grade insulation: not just in the external walls, but also the internal walls to regulate temperature and reduce sound penetration with greater efficiency.
• Seal doors and air gaps around the home: which also make it one of the quietest homes you’ve ever encountered, cutting down noise from both inside and out.
• Use ‘smart ventilation’ to repel mould and extract dust: ensuring your home is free from irritants that could cause illness, and offering relief for allergy sufferers.
• Eliminate CO2 buildup: giving you clearer focus and greater productivity, and helping you avoid the ‘3pm slump.’
• Build durable homes that require less repairs.

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A Passive House which uses 90% less energy than a standard home

Originally developed in Germany in the 1990’s, Passive House is a design standard that achieves thermal comfort with minimal heating and cooling by using insulation, airtightness, ventilation systems, specific door and window design, the elimination of thermal bridges and heat recovery in order to minimise air leakage, reduce air pollution, and slash your electricity bill and carbon footprint.

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How does a passive house work?

Click below to see passive house principles and techniques.


Eliminate thermal bridges

Heat recovery ventilation

Highly insulated building envelope

Continuous air seal layer

We want to control, heat energy loss to control unwanted heat gain and control infiltration of pollutants.

High performance windows

Water Tank

Solar Panels

Not All Geelong Builders are Created Equal

It’s critical to select the right builder, and we want to get to know you from the beginning, to ensure you’re confident you’ll love the experience of building a home with us. We promise to: 

  • Give you free guidance on how to get more home value for your investment by sharing our experience, insider knowledge & top material recommendations for the perfect home.
  • Find a way to make your ideas possible within a reasonable budget, so you don’t have to compromise on your vision. 
  • Build to (& exceed) traditional European standards to ensure your home is rock solid (and there are no gaps, drafts or patch up jobs).
  • Be in touch with you directly. That’s right, you’ll deal with Arran as the owner of the company. We’re considerate (even bringing our own site toilet), and 100% accountable to overcoming any challenge before it becomes your headache.
  • Make the entire experience enjoyable and stress-free, by giving you our undivided attention 

If you’d like to know how we can deliver a breathtaking home that exceeds your wildest expectations without the hassles, take a moment now to book your no obligation Free Initial Concept Design Call. 

Here’s What Our Clients Have To Say About Building Their Stunning New Custom Dream Home With Us

“We've used Arran and his team on several occasions in various capacities, and always found them friendly, courteous and client focused. Arran works hard to accommodate our circumstances and is very good at seeing solutions rather than problems. We intend to continue to use and recommend Conscious Construction Co. as much as we can.”

- Peter Conlon -

"The most important considerations for me when spending a significant amount of money on my home were, that you want a builder you can trust, and one you feel comfortable working with, and Arran ticked both of those boxes. He went above and beyond to work with me to achieve the exact finished product I had in mind."

- Heather Irving -

"Arran's attention to detail is first-rate, with the entire build wrapped and sealed tight to prevent any loss of heat, the egress of water, or the build-up of condensation. The double-glazed windows Arran recommended are also high-quality and promise to deliver years of service ahead. Many other builders keen to build seven-star houses could learn so much by studying how this build has progressed."

- Dr Geoff Russell -

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Our Five Step Approach To Building A Breathtaking Custom Home You’ll Love

1. Free Initial Design Concept Call & A ‘Back of The Envelope’ costing

Have a friendly chat over the phone and tell us what you’re after. We’ll help you understand what to expect and answer any questions and concerns you might have. We’ll ask you questions to find out exactly where you’re at, what you’d love to create and give you a rough idea of the investment required to achieve that dream. Either over the phone or via zoom it’s completely free, with no obligation.

2. Face to Face Meeting, Site Inspection and Planning Session

Sit down over a cuppa with Arran onsite to map out and explore what’s possible for your home, refine your vision, and go step by step through our construction process. Once we both have a clear idea of what’s required, we’ll refine that low level cost estimate, and at your own pace you can let us know if you’d like to go ahead. 

3. Concept Sketches, 3D Renders & A More Detailed Estimate Update

At this point we’ll document everything - your ideas, concept drawings and 3D renders along with preliminary agreements so we can begin the necessary surveys, soil tests, engineering quotes and considerations,  and gather all the information you need to move forward to create your new dream home.

4. Final Design Review and Fixed Price Estimate

Now’s the time to recap the entire process, apply for necessary permits and create all the final documents, plans drawings and agreements to charge full steam ahead. We’ll also undergo anything necessary from external third parties (like soil and engineering or architecture) Your building contract which includes all your selections, designs and specs is signed off on and everything is finalised for council submission.

5. Building Of Your New Dream Home Commences

Put up your feet and relax knowing all your hard work is done, and it’s time for us to go to work for you. We’ll handle every tiny detail to minimise any stress along the way. From bringing our own site toilet, to handing over your completed home in 6-18months (depending on the complexity) we’ll ensure you’re updated regarding where the construction process is at throughout the build.  

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What Is A Free Initial Design Concept Call? 


It’s the first step on the journey to renovating or extending to create a breathtaking home you can’t wait to show off at your next family BBQ.

This is the most direct path to getting more information, asking all your questions and getting to know us and how we can support you including:

  • Gaining more clarity about the home you want to create at the end of your custom extension or renovation (shaped by our years of experience to show you best use, and how to get more for less).
  • Avoiding the common pitfalls that cause disappointments when renovating or extending your home. 
  • A ‘back of the envelope’ costing with a lower and upper range so you begin turning your ideas into a reality.
  • How to design your renovation or extension to maximise your home’s value, creating a solid return for investment while giving you a whole new level of warmth and comfort.

What this call is not: Let us assure you this isn’t some secret sales meeting. There’s no pressure and the ball is entirely in your court. You will however, receive specific advice for your personal situation based on our years of experience.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. This is simply an opportunity for us to get to know each other, and see how we can assist you to create your dream home.