Green Builder Conscious Construction Co offers Design Ideas that Ensure You Get the Most Home for Your Budget

Green Builder Conscious Construction Co will build, renovate or extend your dream home in Geelong or the Surfcoast is an exciting process, but how do you ensure you avoid these costly mistakes?

There are many mistakes you can make at the design stage of building, renovating or extending your home including…

Not considering exactly how you’ll use the space

Underestimating the cost of construction

Overlooking potential zoning restrictions

Failing to account for hidden costs

Not considering resale

Failing to account for lifestyle changes and needs over time

The most common mistake by far is not having the builder and designer work together with a budget framework. Make this mistake, and you can end up with a beautiful design that sadly never gets built. Right now, you probably have plenty of questions on your mind:

  • Are you unsure if the extension design ideas you have will ‘look funny’ on your existing home and want to be told straight by someone who has your best interests in mind? 
  • Wondering if the floor-plan you have makes the most of the sun, location or features of your particular block of land?
  • Want an expert second opinion after being told you can’t have what you want from another builder? 
  • Uncertain of how to decide if your home is worth renovating? Or if starting again with a whole new home is a more feasible idea? (and want some balanced advice from a builder who does both) 
  • Are you nervous the design you have in mind might cost too much to build to fit in your budget, and want to find a way you can massage the design to get everything you want most?
  • Would you like some clarification and confirmation your ideas are solid, and need a good builder & designer team who can give you confidence they can transform your vision into a reality?

If you have any of these questions, you’re not alone. As an experienced Green Builder servicing regional Victoria, we help our clients with them every week, which is why we developed our free Initial Design Concept Call to give you the confidence you’re making the right decisions.

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How we help you gain clarity, and bring your design ideas to life with decades of experience as a Green Builder working to the highest European standards. We bring a unique flair to the process of designing your new home, renovation or extension.


And by partnering closely with our preferred recommended designer, we will endeavour to ensure your design inclusions will fit in your construction budget. 

What’s more, we have a European eye for detail, often making small suggestions that can lead to noticeable improvements in maximising sun exposure, comforting warmth in winter, a coolness in summer and a healthier, happier home with clean fresh air and no harmful pollutants.

Unlike many builders who are disjointed from the design experience, we consult with designers to resolve any issues, and ask questions we’re told ‘no other builder would’ to prevent headaches before they become an issue.

Here’s What Our Clients Have To Say About Extending and Renovating With Us

"Arran's attention to detail is first-rate, with the entire build wrapped and sealed tight to prevent any loss of heat, the egress of water, or the build-up of condensation. The double-glazed windows Arran recommended are also high-quality and promise to deliver years of service ahead. Many other builders keen to build seven-star houses could learn so much by studying how this build has progressed."

- Dr Geoff Russell -

“We've used Arran and his team on several occasions in various capacities, and always found them friendly, courteous and client focused. Arran works hard to accommodate our circumstances and is very good at seeing solutions rather than problems. We intend to continue to use and recommend Conscious Construction Co. as much as we can.”

- Peter Conlon -

"The most important considerations for me when spending a significant amount of money on my home were, that you want a builder you can trust, and one you feel comfortable working with, and Arran ticked both of those boxes. He went above and beyond to work with me to achieve the exact finished product I had in mind."

- Heather Irving -

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9 Ways We Help Infuse Vibrant, Healthy Living & Year Round Comfort Into Your New Home Design

With so many options to choose from, designing a Geelong or Surf Coast home can be daunting. At Conscious Construction Co we pride ourselves on going above and beyond right from the design stage, as this has a huge impact on the end result. Here’s how we help you get started on the right foot:  

1. You’ll Get a Home Design Based On Your Unique Lifestyle.

This is your vision, and you shouldn’t have to compromise, so it’s important for your design to deliver on precisely what you and your family need. From the smallest detail like a his and hers sink in the master ensuite, extra shoe storage to house a grand collection, higher ceilings or extra bench space, you’ll thank us down the track when you’re enjoying all these little things in your brand new home.

2. Passive Home Experts Building to European Standards.

From eliminating cold feet (while the rest of your body is warm) to saying goodbye to mid afternoon slumps (from lack of oxygen), you’ll instantly ‘feel’ the difference of purer air quality and year round warmth when you step into one of our passive homes. And it all starts by incorporating the best living principles into your new home design.

3. The Guidance You Didn’t Realise You Needed.

We’ll guide you through the entire process, sharing our expertise and experience at every step & pointing out the options, ideas, material recommendations or potential headaches you hadn’t even considered to ensure you get the best home design possible.

4. Receive Our Sole Focus.

Too many larger builders or designers are working on multiple projects at once. We focus on 1-2 homes at a time to give you our complete focus, and will sit 1-on-1 with you to determine the most important elements of your design and ultimate vision. We then work together with our designer to bring it to life.

5. A Methodical & Thorough Approach.

Our approach is methodical with a highly detailed focus on getting the job done right. Before we even begin we’ll ask questions to gain a deep understanding of the way your family lives, and ensure every element of your design is perfectly moulded to you.

6. We Ask the Questions No Other Builder Asks.

We’ll work hand in hand with the designer, asking the questions no other builder does to ensure your design gives you precisely what you want, without compromising your vision.

7. Transparent Pricing, Processes and Project Management.

We’ll price your project with specific, itemised precision so you know everything has been accounted for upfront. Openness and transparency are the foundation of trust, and it all begins with the design.

8. A One-Of-A-Kind Design Unique To You.

Instead of pre-designed plans and templates, we work with you so you’re crystal clear from the beginning on the vision for your new home, so we can build it from the ground up. No compromises. No restrictions. No settling.

9. Free Expert Guidance At Every Step.

Building your own home can be intimidating if you’ve never gone through it before. That’s why we offer a Free Initial Design Concept Call where you can get advice specific to your situation, and discover how to get more for your investment, without the hassles.

What is a Free Initial Design Concept Call? 


It’s the first step on the journey to renovating or extending to create a breathtaking home you can’t wait to show off at your next family BBQ.

This is the most direct path to getting more information, asking all your questions and getting to know us and how we can support you including:

  • Gaining more clarity about the home you want to create at the end of your custom extension or renovation (shaped by our years of experience to show you best use, and how to get more for less).
  • Avoiding the common pitfalls that cause disappointments when renovating or extending your home. 
  • A ‘back of the envelope’ costing with a lower and upper range so you begin turning your ideas into a reality.
  • How to design your renovation or extension to maximise your home’s value, creating a solid return for investment while giving you a whole new level of warmth and comfort.

What this call is not: let us assure you this isn’t some secret sales meeting. There’s no pressure and the ball is entirely in your court. You will however receive specific advice for your personal situation based on our years of experience.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. This is simply an opportunity for us to get to know each other, and see how we can assist you to create your dream home.

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